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With solar passive building principles as the key driver behind our house designs, we aim to create a high value return for the home owner from the outset.

We do this by:

  • Using the sun’s (free!) energy to warm the home in winter
  • Store that solar energy in thermal mass e.g in a polished concrete floor in a North facing living area
  • Install insulation with particular care and install vapour permeable building wraps to create a  resilient building envelope
  • Minimise penetrations in the building envelope to avoid unwanted air leakage 
  • Provide appropriate external shading and incorporate cross flow ventilation in the home design to assist in keeping cool in summer

While greater consideration is required at the design phase to achieve these energy and cost saving outcomes, these core principles don’t cost much more to build into a home.

By investing in an intelligent design, the “core” of the house provides an excellent return on investment ,both financially - with low ongoing running costs, and in terms of the occupant’s comfort.

With these fundamentals in place, it allows you the scope to then detail your home to match your budget, lifestyle, energy efficiency goals and individual tastes.


StudyCommon selections that you may opt for once the core of the solar passive design is established

Highly recommended:

  • Quality double glazed windows - high performing windows will have a big impact on the homes overall efficiency
  • Solar hot water system -heating water is one of the single biggest energy loads on a home - using solar hot water systems  changes this
  • Photovoltaic system - our homes require little energy to run. It’s not hard to be a net generator of energy with an appropriately sized system

Options to consider:

  • Create a smooth transition to the outdoors with the addition of a deck and pergola
  • To avoid downlights which creates weak points in the bulding envelope, consider an elegant lighting package including pendants and LED uplighting positioned on pelmets
  • Customised joinery to maximise storage options


It's not rocket science!

Focus on the core design principles, then you have the flexibility to personalise the design of your new comfortable, lightfilled home.