Our team has been building high-performance homes in the ACT for over a decade



Tom Henderson - Director

Tom Henderson was born and raised in and around Canberra.
After school, he set off around the world with the goal of exploring the ashrams of India.
He only made it as far as Europe where he got hooked on the art of hitchhiking, picking up random jobs and learning languages.
It was while hitchhiking across the Danish border that he met his future wife and within 18 months unexpectedly found himself a parent at the age of 23.
With building his own home as his only clear aspiration, he decided to learn to do it properly by undertaking a carpentry apprenticeship while living in Copenhagen, Denmark. While training there he was drawn to the strong traditions in the trades of Northern Europe and learned to value quality design and construction.
After multiple grey Danish winters and starting to pine for blue skies, magpies and eucalypts, he returned to Canberra in 2000 with his growing family.
Upon returning to his hometown, Tom was determined to use his skills to build homes that were designed to suit Canberra’s hot summers and cold winters and started his first business in 2005. You can read more about Tom’s Business journey here: http://www.35d.com.au/about.html
Tom still hasn't built his own dream house, but has been getting plenty of experience building both homes and businesses!




Philippe Macleod - Construction SupervisorPhil

Hailing from Montreal, Philippe brings expertise in construction of Canadian energy efficient homes to Canberra (thanks to his Australian wife). After a stint as a professional ice hockey player in Europe, Phil then focussed his energies into studying carpentry in Montreal where he learned the value of well sealed and insulated homes. During the frozen winters he then taught carpentry at the technical school, his teaching skills and mentoring abilities are put to good use within the 35 Degrees construction team.





AKAndrew Bryant - (AK) Estimator

Having worked as a disability support worker since the early 90s, a part time role he maintains, Andrew (aka AK) has done several stints in the construction industry over the years.  From builder's labourer for a year in NZ to commencing a carpentry apprenticeship with Tom Henderson upon his return to Canberra and then working as a qualified subcontract carpenter to the industry.  A further opportunity was presented in 2014 when Tom asked him to consider joining Jigsaw Housing (a forerunner of 35 Degrees) to learn the role of estimator.  The offer was too good to pass up and today he enjoys employing a love of numbers for 35 Degrees.  Outside of work AK obsesses over the fortunes of the North Melbourne Football Club





 Peter Quinn - Carpenter, timber machinistPete

Peter Quinn is a third generation craftsman. His grandfather was a builder and his father was a carpenter and furniture maker. Pete spent 12 years at Thors Hammer, where he refined the art of recycling salvaged timbers into beautiful joinery and furniture. He completed a qualification as a timber machinist and then commenced his qualification as a furniture maker specialising in timber bench-tops, tables, and shelving units. Seeking a change from the workshop, Pete then turned his attention to the open spaces and varied worksites provided by the trade of carpentry. He completed his adult apprenticeship with the team at 35 Degrees and he now brings his energy and enthusiasm for his work to the crafting of the homes at 35 Degrees. Pete’s attention to detail is particularly evident in the detailed finishing of our homes.



WayneWayne Hungerford - Carpenter

Wayne spent his first 12 working years as a joiner and cabinetmaker. It was this during this time, building and installing kitchens, that he developed a keen eye for detail and his expertise in managing teams of people and developing systems and processes. Upon returning to Canberra with his family after 15 years in Queensland, Wayne made the decisive shift to follow his long held passion to become a builder. Wayne has now recently completed his adult apprenticeship with the team at 35 Degrees. Wayne’s management skills are currently being put to good use as a Point Carpenter. This role focuses a carpenter’s pride into a single project to keep a close eye on details, manage other trades and inject ownership into maintaining a neat and organised site.




Jack Rylance - School Based ApprenticeJack

Jack joins our team as an ASBA (Australian School Based Apprentice). This means that while he is completing Year 11 at College he spends one day a week on the building site with us, one day a week at TAFE and the remaining three days a week at college.

Jack did a weeks work experience with us in 2016 where he bucked one of the stereotypes of the Millenials and impressed us with his work ethic. Under the tutelage of the likes of Phil, Pete and Wayne we are confident Jack will thrive in his role. His ability to quickly pick up the basics of carpentry and fit into our team environment makes him a valuable team member. 






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