Karman Smith bookshelvesEnergy-efficient homes make a lot of sense.

With an abundance of sunlight in Canberra, our philosophy for housing is simple: Allow sunlight into our homes in winter to brighten and passively heat our homes. Then in summer, shade the sun externally and use cross ventilation principles to keep our houses cool. 

These homes cost little to maintain at comfortable temperatures year round, but most importantly, they are a pleasure to live in. Just like dressing appropriately allows us to enjoy the seasons; a considered approach to design and construction means Canberra's unique climate can be fully appreciated - year round.

At 35 Degrees (Canberra’s Latitude!) we have made it our mission to continually focus on what is most important - keeping it smart and simple.

Canberra is an increasingly smart and vibrant city with an exciting future and we strive to design and construct homes to reflect our home city -  past, present and future.


Our team has been building high-performance homes in Canberra for over a decade

Our story starts with founder Tom Henderson who trained as a carpenter in Denmark. Tom was drawn to the strong traditions in the trades of Northern Europe and during his time there learned to value quality design and construction.

Upon returning to his hometown Canberra, Tom was determined to use his skills to build homes that were designed to suit Canberra’s hot summers and cold winters. In 2005 he established Tom Henderson Design and Construction (THDC) and later in 2010 he founded Jigsaw Housing which became a collaboration with award-winning architect Andrew Verri and energy efficiency consultant and science communicator, Jenny Edwards.

As demand for Jigsaw Housing’s custom designed energy-efficient homes grew, Tom saw a gap in the market for more affordable homes built on 6 design principles to achieve well-built, comfortable homes with low running costs. This is where the 35 Degrees journey starts.

The 35 Degrees team has extensive design and construction experience both in Australia and overseas. All are appropriately qualified and are members of the HIA & the MBA. Tom holds both an ACT and a NSW builder’s licence (ACT Builder Class C Lic No. 2005546 & NSW Builder Lic No. 175894C; CertIII Carpentry, CertIV Building, Dip. & Adv. Dip. Business Management).

At 35 Degrees there is a strong culture of investing in staff and the apprenticeship program is closely monitored by a highly regarded management team. 


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